Wellness Routine

Peer Coaches

Every participant will be assigned a peer coach. A peer coach will help facilitate one on one meetings as well as groups and digital therapy.

Family Coaches

The participant will also have access to a family coach Involved as well. The family coaching helps families to understand the part the family plays in life of Addiction.


Our in network licensed therapists can work with clients in a variety of ways to make sure their needs are best met.


In network partners provide high quality behavioral health services to our clients to help them become the best versions of themselves. We offer full co-occurring protocols to assess both mental health and Substance Use Disorder ( SUD ) Needs.

We have resources when it comes to other options for the mind, body and spirit. Holistic options are available to help with those who desire and respond well to that approach. We believe in fitness and nutrition are vital components to overall health and well being so we have fitness options available and encourage healthy eating habits.

How Can I help?

How Can I help?

People often ask us how they can help. Everyone is different with their own unique schedules. There are ways for anyone to help with the mission. You can help by praying for our mission, you can donate to help us fight the fight and/or volunteer your time to help with some of our community Initiatives.